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Our Service

Park and Fuel offers its customers the ultimate convenience!  Imagine never going to the gas station again!  We deliver gasoline to your car on a weekly basis.  It is simple and easy to sign up. We also deliver to boats and fleets on an as needed basis.

We deliver gasoline directly to your car, boat or fleet. Please contact us for more information on our boat and fleet services.

Gasoline delivery to your car is done on the same day every week (or twice a week).  We will fill up your gas tank every time we deliver gasoline to your vehicle.  We offer the convenience of gasoline delivery for a low monthly membership fee (plus the price of gas).  Currently, our low monthly fee is $20 per month (for once a week delivery).

After you sign up for our service we will coordinate your delivery.  Our service is convenient and we will never need to have access to the keys of your car… just your gas tank.  We guarantee a very competitive price for your gasoline.  We offer gasoline at or below the average price in your zip code.

Park and Fuel meets or exceeds all of the regulations set forth by the State of Maryland Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures division.  Our gasoline meters have been certified and inspected by a state approved calibration company.

Park and Fuel is proud to be PayPal verified.

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"Park and Fuel is amazing... I love not going to the gas station!" - Naomi G.